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Hi! My name is John Slipper.

I do web development in Auckland, New Zealand.


The Lake Interactive Illustration

Category: Experiment

Experimenting using the recent has CSS pseudo-class to interactively change an illustration to different times of the day.

Songs I Know Svelte App

Category: Personal Project

Ever pick up a guitar and can’t remember a song to play?

Songs I Know Ionic App

Category: Personal Project

Fourth iteration of a personal project to store the songs I’ve learned over the years on my smartphone.

NZBN Identity SVG Animation

Category: GSAP Animation Experiment

A test of the capabilities of the Greensock Animation Platform (GSAP) for the New Zealand Business Number as a viable animated GIF replacement.

Capiche Relish SVG Animation

Category: Vector Animation Experiment

A short introduction sequence made for an internal client gift website using animation in CSS and Velocity JS.

Skrollr Sticker Peel

Category: Peelable Fun!

Here’s a little bit of peel-able fun I had whilst learning how to use the excellent skrollr JavaScript library.

Animated CSS3 USB Drives

Category: Demo Project

Ever wanted buttons styled like actual physical USB flash drives? ...Probably not, but here's some just for fun!

ReelMusic JavaScript MP3 Player

Category: Demo Project

2012 - after viewing a great promo site for "Simple Song" by The Shins I decided I wanted to try the same, but with one key difference - No Flash.