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Hi! My name is John Slipper.

I do web development in Auckland, New Zealand.


Website Accessibility Basics

Category: My 2 cents

Website accessibility is often misunderstood. These are a few basics to follow that will help during development and hopefully think of the experience from new perspectives.

A Reflection on 3 Years of Product Development

Category: My 2 cents

After 5 years creating static and content managed sites for a creative agency I started a new job developing a JavaScript application within a startup. That was 3 years ago.

Some Tips for Remote Working

Category: My 2 cents

As I’ve now been working remotely for a few years I thought I’d share a few things I hope will be useful for staying productive (and sane) during these interesting times.

2020 Website update

Category: Website Refresh!

After 5 years I thought it was time to re-think and completely refresh the site.

Is it time to drop JQuery?

Category: Readings

With the adoption of a more standardised browser and gradual demise of the old nonconformists, isn’t is about time you started to learn vanilla JavaScript and stop relying on JQuery?

To the Drawing Board ...Again!

Category: Website Refresh!

A more elegant design and simplified site layout from the ground up on a dynamically generated static platform. Confused?

Welcome to Wordpress!

Category: Website Update!

UPDATE: I have since completely overhauled the site with a more modern design.

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2

Category: Video Tutorials

Here is a great Tuts+ tutorial for Sublime Text 2 users trying to find their feet, or even veteran users wanting to make use of more features.