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Hi! My name is John Slipper.

I do web development in Auckland, New Zealand.


Website Accessibility Basics

Category: My 2 cents

Website accessibility is often misunderstood. These are a few basics to follow that will help during development and hopefully think of the experience from new perspectives.

Songs I Know Svelte App

Category: Personal Project

Ever pick up a guitar and can’t remember a song to play?

A Reflection on 3 Years of Product Development

Category: My 2 cents

After 5 years creating static and content managed sites for a creative agency I started a new job developing a JavaScript application within a startup. That was 3 years ago.

Some Tips for Remote Working

Category: My 2 cents

As I’ve now been working remotely for a few years I thought I’d share a few things I hope will be useful for staying productive (and sane) during these interesting times.

2020 Website update

Category: Website Refresh!

After 5 years I thought it was time to re-think and completely refresh the site.

ALTN8 Festival 2017 Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

ALTN8 is a multi venue music festival in the heart of Central Hong Kong, with 8 stages across the city.

Santa's Little Helper VR Game

Category: Portfolio Piece

A fun client Christmas gift combining Unity, Google Cardboard VR, and real-time web app scoring through AngularJS alongside Firebase.

Never Happens? Happens Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

A project by Capiche Design for the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management to help prepare New Zealanders for emergency situations.

Songs I Know Ionic App

Category: Personal Project

Fourth iteration of a personal project to store the songs I’ve learned over the years on my smartphone.

NZBN Identity SVG Animation

Category: GSAP Animation Experiment

A test of the capabilities of the Greensock Animation Platform (GSAP) for the New Zealand Business Number as a viable animated GIF replacement.

Key Skills Website & Job App

Category: Portfolio Piece

When Key Skills talked to us at Capiche Design they were not only looking to modernise their website, but also simplify the way they worked as a business on a day-to-day basis.

Capiche Relish SVG Animation

Category: Vector Animation Experiment

A short introduction sequence made for an internal client gift website using animation in CSS and Velocity JS.

Vnde Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

Introducing Vnde - a non-alcoholic beverage made from premium New Zealand fruit.

Who Cares? Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

Do you care about New Zealand carer wages? Visit this site to show your support.

Is it time to drop JQuery?

Category: Readings

With the adoption of a more standardised browser and gradual demise of the old nonconformists, isn’t is about time you started to learn vanilla JavaScript and stop relying on JQuery?

Know Your Rights Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

Development of a single page responsive website for the Commerce Commission detailing the recent changes in consumer laws.

Skrollr Sticker Peel

Category: Peelable Fun!

Here’s a little bit of peel-able fun I had whilst learning how to use the excellent skrollr JavaScript library.

To the Drawing Board ...Again!

Category: Website Refresh!

A more elegant design and simplified site layout from the ground up on a dynamically generated static platform. Confused?

Bateson Way Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

Bateson Way is a newly formed private road that opens out to prime residential land. This website was designed to showcase the land plots available for sale to prospective home owners.

Welcome to Wordpress!

Category: Website Update!

UPDATE: I have since completely overhauled the site with a more modern design.

Capiche Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

One of my first jobs upon joining the ranks at Capiche Design was to look into how we can best showcase our own work online.

VTNZ Mobile

Category: Portfolio Piece

Mobile website development, utilising GPS location to find nearby VTNZ services.

Stroke Wise Quiz

Category: Portfolio Piece

Follow up to the previous Salt Wise quiz with added functionality.

Total Property Solutions

Category: Portfolio Piece

Total Property Solutions wanted a website that efficiently communicated their company in a single page.

Salt Wise Quiz

Category: Portfolio Piece

Salt Wise is a fun online quiz commissioned by the Stroke Foundation New Zealand to spread awareness about salt in our day-to-day diet.

Animated CSS3 USB Drives

Category: Demo Project

Ever wanted buttons styled like actual physical USB flash drives? ...Probably not, but here's some just for fun!

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2

Category: Video Tutorials

Here is a great Tuts+ tutorial for Sublime Text 2 users trying to find their feet, or even veteran users wanting to make use of more features.

ReelMusic JavaScript MP3 Player

Category: Demo Project

2012 - after viewing a great promo site for "Simple Song" by The Shins I decided I wanted to try the same, but with one key difference - No Flash.

Ironworks Web App

Category: Portfolio Piece

Alongside the development of The Ironwork's website I decided to create a web app for iPhone to display a feed of the latest events.

The Ironworks Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

Some years before my move to NZ I worked on a website for a local entertainment venue called The Ironworks.

Trackyou Website

Category: Portfolio Piece

Prior to my move to New Zealand I worked for a company called Trackyou that specialise in real-time vehicle tracking and asset management.